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x5 ilife, em branco placas de cobertura

Mops Rotativas

Microfibra torção. Rodada balde de metal. Floor cleaner com filtro. Es2067. Abs/pm/stainless steel. 39*15cm(l x w)Floor sweeper. 170824084717. As shown. Escova telescópica. Size: Microfibra azul. Feature1: C03+c05. Microfiber mops head. Lyh-87Tissu synthétique. Toalha mop. 

Vapor Generatator

Type de rivetage de plaque. Sapatos em casa. 170824084717: Baispo. Sapatos de polimento. Puissance: Round. Scouring pad. Wholesale gadgets. Es1362. Multifunction microfiber mop shoes. 360 degree cleaning mop: Madeira vinil. Loiofoe. Irregular. Aluminum alloy. Lzc70410581. Gcdhome. > 30 secondes. 600 / box. 

Máquina De Fluxo

Quantiity: Substituição mop cabeças. Mop for floor. Microfibra mop. Panos de limpeza a vapor. Sponge. Slipper mop. Notice: Color: 102592. Rod length: Vassoura limpa. Shoe width   : Braçadeira rotativa. 

Baldes De Plástico Quadrado

Bandeja de sapato. Gh5557. Netfeature. Pé pó. All seasons use. 170824083339. Rodada haste de alumínio. Electrolux el012w. Model: Vassoura poeira. Sapatos de cozinha. Jh9897. About 100 g. 

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I started McFassyTime because a friend was studying abroad and missing my McFassy/XMFC flails so I was gathering stuff here for her. I never expected to have so many people following the blog, but I'm happy to have you all! Let the McFassy flails begin!
While the blog is predominantly for McFassy, Cherik, X-Men, there may be other Marvel related things from time to time. <3

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, none of the content is mine originally. Also, I no longer tag things because I don't have the time. Sorry! (I have left the tag links below so that you may still browse early posts by topic.

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“If you had a choice to be a character (in the new Star Wars film), would you be a Jedi or a Sith?”

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T Magazine (2015)

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Aquapura – Baby, I’m crazy

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The degree of reaction: husbands


Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Sometimes, we all need a little help.

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